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How to connect your Mailify account to Teamleader?

This connector allows you to synchronize the contacts and segments from your CRM Teamleader.

Data from your CRM are synchronized live, no need to export them manually.

Consult the tutorial on this topic.

You first need to download the Mailify extension from the Teamleader marketplace clicking "Add" :

Then, once you've installed the connector, go to the Contact Lists section in Mailify, click "Create a list" and select "Synchronized list".

Next page is the list of connectors available. Select "Teamleader".

If you haven't logged in to your Teamleader account already, now is the moment to do so.

Authorize Mailify to connect to Teamleader and access the lists.

Once the connection has been established, confirm.

Congratulations! You have synchronized your contact list successfully.