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How to import contacts in a list?

Import contacts to a new list


Once you have created your contact list, you need to import your recipients.

Watch the video on this topic:

Click on "Add Contacts" and choose your import method:

  • File: This method allows you to import contacts that you have saved into a CSV or XLS file. Mailify will automatically detect the name of the columns (first line in your file). You can either drag and drop your file into the dotted box, or click on "Select your file", which will open a dialog box allowing you to navigate in your file explorer. The size of the imported files is limited to 100 MB.

    Importer un fichier de contacts emailing ou SMS


  • Manual Entry: This option adds a line to your recipient database and allows you to enter the contact information yourself. You can manually manage the addition of new columns if needed. By default, a "source" column allows you to locate the insertion mode of your various contacts. This can be useful if your list has been enriched several times by different types of imports.


  • Copy/Paste: copy/paste a list of emails you have available. Be careful, you must separate each address with a comma, a semicolon, a tab, or a line break.

    Copier coller des contacts pour une campagne emailing ou sms




If you want to import contacts containing phone numbers, you can assign the numbers without a prefix a default format according to the country of the recipients. Please note that only one default area code per imported base can be added.


Indicatif des numéros de téléphones campagne emailing ou campagne SMS



Extend an existing contact list


To add new recipients to an existing list, click "Add Contacts" again and choose your import mode.

As in the initial step of importing contacts, you will have the choice of importing additional contacts by importing a file, typing them by hand, copying/pasting your addresses or importing them from a SQL or MySQL database.

Mailify will ask you if you want to replace the existing list, or complete it.


Compléter ou remplacer une liste de contacts


If you are looking to complete your current list by importing a new file, make sure (as much as possible) that your file has the same type of data as the current list.

If it is not the case, a mapping will be proposed to you to establish the correspondences between the columns of your file and the columns of the existing list.

 Concordance des champs import de contacts


A match is automatically established when the system detects that an existing column has the same title as a column of the new imported file.

Some columns will have to be manually linked in some cases. To make a match, click one of the arrows on the right side of your screen to select a column in your new file to match with an existing column.

If no column in your new file matches the existing column, you can create a new column by clicking "+ New column" below the mapping table. You can also decide to not associate any data from your new file to an existing column by specifying <None> in front of the existing column.