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What are the offers and level of service available?

To buy routing credits, go to the Mailify e-store.

First, select the offer you wish to subscribe to.

The higher the chosen subscription level, the more features and options within the software will be available to you. A higher subscription level also means a more extensive level of support provided by Mailify's teams, specifically in creating campaigns and achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

The price of your subscription differs depending on the offer you have subscribed to (ESSENTIAL, PREMIUM or EXCLUSIVE), but also on the volume of credits selected, as well as the options you have added to your subscription (additional users, domain names, SMS packages, dedicated IP, etc.).

With the TRIAL gives you access to all the Mailify PREMIUM features for 30 days, and includes 500 email and 10 SMS credits in order to test the platform. After the 30-day trial period, you will need to subscribe to one of the offers (ESSENTIAL, PREMIUM or EXCLUSIVE) in order to continue using the platform.

With the ESSENTIAL offer, you benefit from the core features that made Mailify so successful, including: the EmailBuilder, form editor, standard and automatic campaigns, SMS campaigns, creation of contact lists, integrations with your business applications (PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress...), as well as support by phone and live-chat.

With the PREMIUM offer, you will benefit from a more extensive support service, and access to more features such as: multi-users, advanced and multi-channel automated campaigns, advanced A/B testing, landings page editor. This offer also includes 1 domain name and the possibility to benefit from a dedicated IP address to improve the deliverability of your campaigns.

With the EXCLUSIVE offer, in addition to all the features included in the Premium offer, you also have access to the desktop version of Mailify Sunrise (software to install on your computer, available for Mac and Windows), access to advanced integration connectors, predictive sending for your campaigns to optimize opening rates, automatic correction of your email lists, as well as tailored support and coaching by a dedicated account manager. This offer also includes 3 domain names and the possibility to use several dedicated IPs, as well as a deliverability audit performed by an expert to maximize the performance of your campaigns.