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What is a routing credit?

 Mailify Sunrise is an email and SMS marketing solution that works with a credit-based system.

If you do not have routing credits, you cannot send any campaigns to your recipients.

When you create your Mailify Sunrise account, you will receive 500 email credits as well as 10 SMS credits so you can freely test the platform.

 Email credits

The principle is simple: One email sent, is one credit consumed. An email credit is usually equal to one email per recipient. The number of email credits consumed may vary depending on the size of your message. If your message exceeds 194kb, an additional credit will be charged per recipient, and so on per 194kb added. You have 5MB of storage space for each campaign. Your images are automatically hosted there to optimize the size of your message and prevent you from exceeding this limit.

SMS credits

For SMS messages, one credit corresponds to one message containing less than 160 characters, sent to a recipient based in France. For international destinations the number of credits used per recipient may vary (see the international credit rates). The length of the message can also affect the number of credits required for your campaign. For messages over 160 characters, 2 credits are needed. Messages of 300 characters and above, will cost 3 credits. Some special characters, links, dynamic fields, or legal notices may increase the number of characters in your message and therefore increase the overall cost of your campaign. Learn more about this topic.

Credit balance

Your credit balance can be consulted from the "Plan" tab of your Mailify account settings.




You can share your credits with other users if you want.

To reload your credit balance, you can make a new order from the Mailify Sunrise app if you already have an account, or directly from the Mailify web shop.