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How to migrate my Mailify 5 campaigns to Mailify Sunrise?


Mailify Desktop installed on the computer with a folder with the same name containing data related to the user account.

Mailify Sunrise PC/Mac version installed locally

Download the desktop version of Mailify Sunrise



When you first log in to Mailify Sunrise in Desktop version, you will be able to migrate (or postpone) Mailify Desktop data


If you want to postpone, the above page will show up again the next time you log in.

Please note that only the user data on the computer will be migrated, this excludes data related to shared accounts.


Before you start migrating your data, you will be prompted to select the volume of campaigns you want to migrate.

High data volume will require more waiting time. You are free to select all of your campaigns or to restrict the number of campaigns to migrate based on their seniority.

Once you have made your choice, click on "Import".



During the migration process, the window below will appear:  



You have to wait until the process is complete.

As soon as the migration is complete, all the data (campaigns, lists, blacklists, models, etc.) will be available on the Mailify Sunrise Desktop application. 





The reconstruction of the statistics will be executed in the background, this will allow you to fully start and enjoy the new features of Sunrise. 



PS: If you only use the Sunrise web version, after login, the following pop will show you how to recover your Mailify Desktop data: