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How to create a retargeting based on the statistics of a campaign?

You can create a retargeting from the "Behavioral tracking" tab of the statistics of an email or SMS campaign.

This tab gives you an exhaustive view of the behavior of your recipients on a given campaign. This lets you know exactly which recipient did what action on your campaign.

This is especially interesting in the case of an email campaign. Behavioral tracking allows you to know if your recipients have received, opened, and clicked on your email, but also on which link they clicked, and how many times they clicked on this link.

For an SMS campaign, behavioral tracking data is limited. You're only able to track the recipients who have clicked on a link, if indeed your SMS contained a clickable link tracked by Mailify Sunrise. So you only have click statistics, not opening statistics. Data regarding SMS opening rates are not provided by the mobile operators, and does not go back to routing providers such as Mailify. However, this data can be useful, and it may be interesting to retarget recipients who clicked on your link in some cases.

To create a targeting on the behavioral data of your campaign, go to the statistics of your campaign, then click on the tab "Behavioral tracking":

The "Actions" button allows you to create a list or relaunch (retarget) a campaign on a particular segment of your recipients: openers, clickers, active, inactive.


A button "Add advanced filter" also allows you to filter your recipients according to your own targeting criteria, and to combine several criteria.

The result of your targeting is called "The active view". You can create a list from this active view, or restart a campaign on the recipients of your active view via the ""Actions"" button.

If you choose to relaunch a campaign on a segment of your recipients, your campaign will be duplicated with a prefix "Copy D + XX - audience: campaign name". This will allow you to easily find your relaunched campaign in the statistics.