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How to transfer a template to another account?

The transfer feature allows you to send a copy of one of your templates to the account of your choice. Your template will neither be moved nor synchronized with the template transferred to the target account. The original version will remain on your account. Any changes after the transfer will not be applied to the template in the target account and vice versa.



How do I transfer a template?


Go to your email template gallery. Click the template's action menu and then the "Transfer" option.


Transfer option


A new window will open where you will have two options:

  • Upload a template to an account you have access to
  • Transfer a template to an external account


Transfer a template to one of the accounts you have access to


By choosing this option you will have to select the target account from the list of associated accounts and then click the green button to validate. 


Transfer a template


The transferred template will be visible from the "Templates Received" section of the "Email Templates" menu on the account you selected. Only administrators and members of your group will have access to this template after it was transferred.


Transferring a template to an external account


By choosing this option, you will be able to transfer the template to an account you don't own and to which you do not have access. You will only need the email address used to access the target account. The user involved will receive an email asking them to accept the transfer of the template to their account.


Right management


The transfer right can be activated/deactivated by an administrator for each of the users in their account. This right is disabled by default. If you do not see the option "Transfer" in the action menu of your templates, we recommend you contact one of the administrators of your Mailify account.


Transfer - User rights