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How can I manage the Mailify Sunrise connectors?

From this menu, you have the option to enable or disable the available links on Mailify Sunrise. We recommend you to enable the links you need.




To activate or deactivate, simply click on the button at the bottom right-hand side of each integration partner.


Integrate Magento

This integration allows you to synchronize your contact lists with data from your Magento store.


Integrate WordPress

This allows you to automate the content creation of your newsletter with articles from your WordPress blog, in the Mailify EmailBuilder.


Integrate PrestaShop

The PrestaShop integration allows you to synchronize your contact lists with data from your Prestashop store.


Website Connector

The website connector allows you to connect your website to your Mailify account in order to trigger automatic campaigns when a specific page of your website is viewed by a visitor. Learn more about the settings of the Website connector.


Website Connector



For each integration, you must set up your website, blog or shop to synchronize with your Mailify account. To do this, simply click on the settings menu.

A window opens showing the shops or sites that are already an integration partner. Each integration can be modified or disabled.

To add a new shop, click "+ Add shop" or "+ Add a site".

A new window opens to set up this new shop. Here, you must indicate:

  • The name of your shop / website
  • The URL of the site
  • The activation key ((only for Magento, WordPress and prestashop)

The activation key is to be generated via the Mailify plugin on Magento, WordPress or PrestaShop.

Once the information is filled in, just click on the green checkmark to confirm the information. The configured shop or site appears in the shops or sites

Validate the settings by clicking on the green checkmark.


For Magento :

For WordPress :

For PrestaShop :