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How do I add users?

Watch the video on this topic:

Sharing Mailify Sunrise with other users allows you to collaborate with others on the same work environment and share the campaigns you want, the routing credits you want, or set maximum send quotas...


Want to add additional users to your Mailify Account?

Go to the settings of your account, then in the "Account" menu go to the "Sharing" section.
If you have "user credits" then you can add one or more users from this screen. If you don't, click here.
If you have "user credits" available, you can always invite one or more user(s) to share your account :

Enter the information about your new user and assign them the role you want (Account Administrator, or Account User).

A new user record is created, with a status of "Pending: invitation sent".


If needed, you can:

  • Resend a new invitation, if the new user did not receive the first one, or you did not receive an answer yet.
  • Delete the current invitation if you no longer want this user to access your work environment.
The invited user receives an invitation email. It is necessary that they click on ""I accept the invitation"" to validate the invitation.



Accepter une invitation Sarbacane

 NB: The user who was invited should own a Mailify account to be able to accept the invitation. If not, they will have to create their own Mailify account before anything.

Once the invitation has been accepted by the user, the status of new user's card is set to "Active".

 The account owner retains the ability to delete a user, regardless of their role (Administrator or User).

 Once you've added a new user, you can not only modify their status (administrator or user), but also grant them rights and set a limit to the number of routing credits they'll use.


My account tells me "Access possible for 0 users"...

 If your account shows you this message, you do not have any or enough "user credit" to share your account.


It is then necessary to modify your offer by adding one or more users, according to your needs.

You can do this by going directly to the "Offers" section in your Mailify account settings:


Ajout d'utilisateur Sarbacane


You can then proceed to pay directly from the Mailify application and your "user credits" will be added instantly to your account.

You can also do this Mailify's e-shop. You are free to choose the solution that suits you best. The result will be the same. Your "user credits" will be available to you instantly.