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Sending ranges of an automatic campaign

It is possible to define time slots for when you want to launch the the email and SMS messages in your workflow.
When you set sending restrictions on certain days or times, messages falling within one or more deactivated ranges will be sent at the very next available moment.

Watch the video on this topic:

On campaign level:

You can define sending ranges on campaign level. To do this, go to the advanced settings of your campaign trigger.

You will then have the possibility to define sending ranges for your email and SMS messages.

These sending ranges will automatically apply to your entire workflow. However, you can define exceptions to the rule by setting specific sending ranges for each individual message within your workflow.

In your messages:

You can define specific sending ranges for a message.

When you have defined general sending ranges for your campaign, as well as specific sending ranges for one (or more) message(s) of your campaign, the sending ranges defined for the message override those defined on campaign level.

Automatic restrictions on marketing type SMS:

In the case of a marketing type SMS campaign, an automatic restriction on your sending is applied outside legal deadlines.

In other words, you will not be able to customize your sending days and hours outside Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 8pm (slots defined by law).