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Before sending an SMS campaign with Mailify Sunrise

Sending SMS campaigns is a feature of Mailify Sunrise that is enabled by default.

If you want to use Mailify Sunrise primarily to manage your email campaigns, you can disable the SMS feature from the settings of your account at any time in the "SMS campaigns" menu.

désactivation des campagnes SMS


In order to send SMS campaigns, it is necessary to have SMS routing credits.

You can view your SMS credit balance from the Mailify Sunrise dashboard.

Solde de crédits SMS

If you do not yet have SMS credits, you can buy them by clicking directly on the "order" button next to your credit balance on your dashboard, or from the settings of your account, in the "Account" section and then in the "Offer" menu.

Your credits will be available instantly after your purchase and you can send your SMS campaigns in stride.

To start creating an SMS campaign, go to your Dashboard and click on the drop-down menu "Create a campaign" then "SMS".