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Smart Templates for Landing Pages: how to automatically generate templates tailored to your brand identity?

The Smart Templates for Landing Pages feature analyzes your website and generates landing page templates in a few seconds that match your corporate colors.

NB: this feature is only available for customers with a Mailify Premium or Exclusive offer.


How to access Smart Templates for Landing Pages?

To access the Smart Templates for Landing Pages feature, you have two options:


Access the Smart Templates for landing pages from the templates available in your account

To access the Smart Templates for landing pages feature, go to the "Templates" section of your Mailify account.




Then display the "Models" dropdown list and click on "Landing Pages".




When you first visit the Smart Templates for Landing Pages creation page, the URL of your website is automatically detected. This website will be analyzed and used as a basis for the graphic creation of your smart templates for landing pages. You can change the website address if necessary.

Press "Start" to start the analysis and the creation of your landing page templates. Let's take the example with the Mailify site.
The automatically generated landing page templates are displayed in the left window.

Here are the different landing page templates at your disposal: webinar, welcome offer, event, newsletter, white paper, etc.




The algorithm automatically detects your company logo and the dominant color of your graphic identity.




Your social networks are also automatically detected. You will find them in the "Social Networks" pane in the right menu.




Access the Smart Templates for Landing Pages when you create a landing page

There is another way to access Smart Templates for Landing Pages, go to the "Pages and Forms" section of your Mailify account.




Click on the "Create" button, then select "Landing Page" from the dropdown list.




Then select "responsive page".




You will be redirected to the template gallery.

The "All templates" tab gives you access to all landing page templates available in Mailify (Smart templates but also other pre-designed templates).

The "Smart templates" tab allows you to view only the Smart Templates.


How to modify the style guide ?

In the Smart Templates section of "Models for landing pages", you can change the logo and the main color of all the templates by clicking on the corresponding heading in the "Style Guide" section.




To change the color of all your Smart Templates for Landing Pages, click on the color square on the left of your hexadecimal code and change the color using the slider or simply by putting another hexadecimal code.




Once the color is changed, you will see a preview of the overall design of your landing page templates under the style guide.




You can also modify, add or remove your social networks.




You can also change the url of your website, then press the symbol on the right to allow the template generator to analyze it and create new landing page templates.




How to create a landing page from a Smart Template?

To create a landing page from the Smart Templates, select the template of your choice by clicking on the template's thumbnail or by clicking on the action menu below the template.



When you select a landing page template, you are directly redirected to the landing page builder to edit your template. You will need to name your landing page first. Once named, you can start editing your page.




Once you have edited your landing page, you can publish it by clicking on "Next" and then on "Publish landing page". You can also promote your landing page in an email campaign and share your landing page on social networks.



As a reminder, this Smart Template for Landing Page feature is only available with the Premium or Exclusive offer.