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How to import contacts via SQL Server/MySQL?

Watch the video on this topic:

Automatically import contacts from your SQL database into your Mailify contact lists.

To do this, first create a new synchronized list.

You will then be able to select the "MySQL/SQL Server" connector.

Then, enter the settings of your SQL server. Find this information with your webmaster or host.

Once the accesses to your SQL server have been configured and the SQL table you want to synchronize is defined, a list will be created.

The burger menu at the end of the line allows you to access a number of actions regarding your list.

  • See: Allows you to view your list in read-only mode. It will not be possible to edit your list from this screen, as it has not been created manually on Mailify Sunrise, and it is connected to a remote database.
  • Create a campaign: Allows you to start creating a campaign (email, sms, or automatic). The contacts in your list will be loaded as recipients of your campaign. It is important to note that, in the event that contacts are added to your SQL synchronized list in the meantime, they will not be included in your campaign's mailing list later on.
  • Properties: Allows you to access the properties of your list. The name of the list can be modified. You can also determine your sharing settings from this screen (i.e. determine with which other users you want to share this list). You can also change the connection settings to your SQL server if they have changed.
  • Programming: This action allows you to program a frequency at which you want our services to "retrieve" the information from your SQL table to update the corresponding contact list on your Mailify Sunrise interface.

    You can define an automatic hourly, daily, weekly or monthly update frequency.

    You are free to configure your programming as you wish. By default, no automatic update is set. This means that the refreshing of your list must be done by manual action from your side.