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Connect to our RESTful API


100% compatible with your infrastructure

Integration libraries are availabe in CURL, PHP, NODE JS, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA, GO or C#.

Connect to the Sarbacane Sunrise RESTful API irrespective of the framework or programming language you use.

Track your campaigns closely with our APIs and Webhooks

Synchronize your contact lists and blacklists

Add, modify, delete or recover the data from your contact lists and blacklists (opt-outs, return to sender unknown address, complaints) with simple HTTP requests.

Automatically recover your statistics

Recover your email and SMS marketing campaign statistics with direct imports to your applications, sites and software without having to connect to the Sarbacane Sunrise application.

Notify your working applications

With Sarbacane Sunrise Webhooks, you can receive events linked to your mailings in real time: bounces, opt-outs, openings, clicks... We’ll post the information in your back office directly!

Do you need an SMTP API to send your emails?

Sarbacane Software has created Tipimail just for you. It’s an easy-to-integrate SMTP relay to route your transactional emails with the highest deliverability rates.