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Track the results of your email campaigns via Google Analytics

Google Analytics plug-in for Mailify

Sarbacane vs google-analytics

The Google Analytics plug-in for Mailify allows you to link your email campaigns conducted with Mailify to the Google Analytics accounts you use to monitor your website. You can now monitor the performance of your campaigns sent with Mailify and their impact on the general traffic to your website.

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Quick and easy installation


Identify the portion of your traffic coming from your email & SMS campaigns


Monitor all the statistics for your mailings through Google Analytics

How to activate the plugin?


1 Log in

Log in to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

2 "Settings”

Go to the settings area in your account.

3 "Statistics”

Click on the "Statistics” tab to the left of the screen.

4 Tick "Google Analytics”

Tick the "Google Analytics” option.

5 Define your UTM

Define your Source UTM and Campaign UTM.


The UTM parameters you’ve chosen will be added to your campaign links and you’ll be able to monitor the portion of web traffic provided by Mailify to your site through your Google Analytics account. To find out more on how the Google Analytics plug-in for Mailify works, see the guide.


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