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Create contact forms on your Wix site

Wix plug-in for Mailify

Sarbacane vs wix

The Wix plug-in for Mailify is built into the application. This means contact forms created with Mailify can be integrated on your Wix site.

Once your form is created and connected to the contact list of your choice in Mailify, recover the script, the HTML code and the CSS style and easily integrate it on the page of your choice on your Wix site.

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Built into Mailify


Use your forms wherever you’d like


Save time by easily creating awesome forms

How to activate the plugin?


Built into Mailify

1 Log in

Log in to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

2 Create your form

Create your form under the "Forms & Landing Pages” tab, then choose the type of "Block to be integrated” under the "Type” tab in the form creation process. To learn how to create forms in Mailify, follow this tutorial.

3 Recover the code

Once your form is created, recover the code from the "Publication” tab.

4 Copy the code to your Wix site

Copy the script, the HTML code and CSS suggested by Mailify to your Wix site by following these steps:
- Login to your Wix site
- Go to the editor (click on "Site” at the top right then "Open the editor”)
- Click on the button " ” to the left of the editor, then on "More” at the bottom of the list
- Choose "HTML Iframe” and paste the 3 codes you copy one after another in the frame.


Your Mailify form is now integrated with your Wix site so you can generate contacts which will be directly added to your recipient lists. You may begin sending them campaigns or automate pertinent message scenarios for them!


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