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An effective tool for newsletter marketing.

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Comparatif logiciel emailing : Sarbacane ou Sendinblue ?

What is a newsletter?

Newsletters are some of the most widely used marketing communication channels. Concretely, the goal of a newsletter is to send regular information by email to a list of recipients, to keep them engaged with targeted messages and to push them towards your conversion goal. The content of the newsletter helps to promote your products or services, to prospect new leads, to inform your subscribers of your latest news or to provide them with information on a specific topic.

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Enjoy the full potential of your contacts

Manage your contacts in an intuitive way. Import your contact lists, clean, deduce, sort, filter and segment your contacts for more personalized and powerful newsletter marketing.

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Create beautiful newsletter marketing

The Mailify EmailBuilder allows you to customize your newsletters with the colours of your brand, import your images and logos and edit your content. Your newsletter marketing will adapt to any reading device automatically.

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Land your newsletter marketing straight in the inbox

Our experts and our technology are at the service of your deliverability: we accompany you so that you are sure that your newsletter marketing arrives in the inbox of your recipients.

How Sarbacane ensures the reception of your marketing emails

Analyse the statistics of your newsletters

Who opens your emails? How are they read? Who clicks on which link? Mailify tells you everything. Get to know the profile of your recipients and adjust your strategy to optimize the performance of your newsletter marketing.

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