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Mailify can show you how to send bulk email campaigns that drive conversions

Email marketing: what is it and how can I send bulk emails?

Email campaigns are a form of outbound marketing that usually play a key role in the digital communication strategies of both B2B and B2C businesses. By building target lists and gathering more information on contacts, marketing professionals can engage their audience with personalised content based on habits, behaviours and preferences. The act of sending bulk email campaigns is commonly used to encourage sales, promote a new product, deal or event, attract new customers and retain existing ones through regular contact.

1 Get all your marketing contacts on the system

Import contacts from an existing database and use filters to segment the list for increased personalisation. By splitting your list into segments based on your chosen field in their contact data, you can efficiently select target groups for personalised campaigns. Mailify users enjoy streamlined contact management and the level of customisation that we offer in the creation and editing of contact lists, making it effective for you to grow your database directly in our email marketing software.

2 Create engaging content for your email

In an increasingly competitive landscape, most marketing professionals of all different industries find themselves faced with the same question: how can I send bulk emails that will attract new customers and encourage more sales? Fortunately, Mailify is here with a solution. Our professional email marketing software comes with a user-friendly Email Builder, so no matter your skill level or time restriction, you can create elegant email campaigns to connect with existing and prospective customers. When it comes to the content, that’s up to you: Mailify allows you to get as creative as you like – you can even code your own template for future use. Remember, you will also need a subject line to grab your reader’s attention: if you are unsure, you can always split-test two options on a sample.

3 Test your email and send it out

There is no point spending time crafting the perfect email campaign if it can’t reach the inbox of your target contacts. Using a dedicated bulk email sending service is the best way to lower the chances of your email falling into spam folders, but only an email marketing platform with a reliable routing infrastructure and strong server reputation can truly offer high deliverability. With Mailify, you can send as many test-versions of your marketing campaign to your personal email address or those of your colleagues before sending your campaign. If it reaches your inbox and that of your colleagues using other providers and devices, your email campaign is ready to send.

4 Review campaign performance

Eager to learn how to send bulk email free of cost and get the best results? Mailify collects and compiles campaign data; providing statistical reports on email performance so you can track your success and improve the ROI by learning from the data. The more campaigns you send through our bulk mailer tool, the more data you will gain on your contacts, allowing you to create highly personalised campaigns that have a higher chance of success.

How to do an emailing

Find out how to send bulk email campaigns that get results with Mailify

Want to know how to send bulk email free of charge to increase sales? The first step is to find an email marketing software solution that meets your requirements and can guarantee high deliverability. At Mailify, supporting the needs of our customers is what we do best. Our bulk email sending tool allows you to create and manage target contact lists, design responsive campaigns through an user-friendly editor or code your own template. We are also committed in ensuring maximum campaign deliverability for our customers, an achievement we have accomplished by using innovative REVO technology on our routing servers and maintaining strong relationships with the most commonly used email providers and webmail clients. With a multitude of customisation options and a reliable routing infrastructure, Mailify users benefit from one of the most all-encompassing email marketing tools on the market and a team dedicated in delivering a first-class service

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