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Mailify enhances your data quality automatically


Instant removal of duplicate entries

Before you send your campaign, our bulk email service will scan through your target list to find any identical contact records. The last thing you want is to use up email credits on the same recipient twice: that’s why Mailify automatically detects duplicate entries in your database and removes them accordingly.

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The bulk email service that corrects erroneous email addresses

Our bulk email service has a unique intelligent technology that detects typing errors in the domain names of email addresses. Thus, Mailify Sunrise analyses your emails and offers corrections when certain emails are mistaken.

Title prediction

When a contact signs up to receive newsletters, they may not provide information on their gender or preferred title. This can either prevent personalisation or lead to awkward assumptions. However, if they have provided their first name, Mailify will predict their title and add it to their contact record automatically. From here, you can use this information within your merge fields to personalise your subject lines and encourage a better response.

Automatic data cleaning

When it comes to marketing campaigns, it’s not about quantity of recipients but the quality and level of return you get from your efforts. Mailify helps to maximise ROI and protect your reputation by checking through your data to ensure there are no invalid addresses, typos or contacts who have previously opted out still on your target list.

Suppression list management

When a contact unsubscribes from a particular group rather than opting out of contact all together, there’s no need to exclude them from every campaign. Just create blacklists, add the relevant contacts and assign them to each different campaign group. That way, they can still receive the updates they want.

Optimise your campaigns and improve your data quality with Mailify


Uncapped contact lists

Import an unlimited amount of contacts through an Excel file, copy and paste the data records or sync your database from an existing address book from your personal email or CRM.


Automated contact creation

Adding new contacts is intuitive with Mailify: if you are experienced in HTML requests, you can use the GET method to create new entries, delete records or make edits efficiently.


Unlimited targeting capabilities

Our aim is to enable you to target to your hearts content: that’s why our platform comes with unlimited filtering capabilities, allowing you to search through your database and build refined lists based on your marketing needs.


Edit every field

Create hyper-targeted marketing contact lists by customising the column headers to suit your needs: age, location, job title – the ball is completely in your court when it comes to search filters.


Removal of identical recipients

Duplicate entries in your data can be difficult to spot without a thorough check - even then, when they slip through the cracks, you can end up sending the same campaign to the same person twice. Mailify scans through your data and automatically removes identical records to stop this from happening.


Instant email address correction

If a contact has a spelling error in their email address, it can mean an automatic hard-bounce unless you’re eagle-eyed enough to spot it before sending your campaign. With Mailify, our software will automatically detect typos in domain names and fix them for you, saving you time and email credits.


Contact gender detection

When a contact has no information regarding their gender stored against their data record, Mailify will make a prediction based on the first name of the contact and instantly add the relevant title to your target list.


Target list healthcheck

Most outbound marketing professionals will agree on the importance of doublechecking your data before sending a campaign. With Mailify, you won’t have to worry: before you hit ‘send’ on your email, we will automatically scan your target list once more and remove any last duplicates, opt-out contacts or invalid records to save your email credits.


Automatic unsubscriber removal

As you prepare your email campaign, just choose the suppression list that you want any new unsubscribers to be added to. Mailify will make sure that these contacts are left out of any future emails unless otherwise specified to ensure you aren’t spamming individuals with unwanted contact.


Campaign consent forms

Consent is essential in adding new contacts to your marketing database. With Mailify, you can design and host data-capture forms that encourage new website visitors to subscribe to your campaigns. Each new address and contact name will automatically be added to your Mailify database.


Event registration forms

Hosting an industry event? Use Mailify to design captivating invitations and watch the responses flow in, each RSVP added to the unique contact record.


Feedback made effective

Eager to know how your product, service or even your website could be improved? Why not ask those who know best? Build your survey form and collect the responses directly through Mailify.