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A bulk email service provider with unlimited contact lists for growing businesses.

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Marketing lists without limits

Mailify is a bulk email service provider designed for agility and adaptability. That is why we don’t put a cap on your contact lists and force you to target a smaller audience. With our platform, you can import an unlimited amount of data records – be they prospects, partners or customers – in just a couple of clicks. Your contact list can be intuitively imported to the system by uploading an xls, csv or txt file or you can copy and paste them from a written list. Alternatively, take advantage of our API to sync your contacts directly from your CRM.

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How our API synchronises data lists

Your bulk email service provider should boast seamless interoperability between platforms to allow for efficient campaign management. Through our unique API, you can add, manage and delete data within a particular list with an HTTP request. Mailify’s custom-built API is available as an included extension within the email marketing tool.

Mailify: the smart way to manage your marketing lists


A bulk email service provider with unrestricted data lists

As your audience grows, just add your new contacts to your Mailify marketing lists manually, through an import or synchronisation. The length of your lists depends entirely on your own data: we will never cut you off.


Automated database synchronisation

We love saving marketing professionals time: now, with the addition of our unique API, users can add new contacts and manage lists with efficient HTML requests using the GET method.


Refined contact searches

Mailify is a bulk email service provider designed with flexibility in mind. Our platform allows for advanced filtering criteria to enable users to build hyper-targeted lists for email marketing campaigns.


Customisable data fields

Looking to add a new column into your list to filter by age? Maybe you want to sort your contact list according to their email responses. Mailify is a bulk email service provider that allows for complete customisation of each column title, which means you can create filtered lists based on your unique requirements.


Instant removal of identical entries

Cut out the time spent searching for duplicates with a bulk email service provider that does the grunt work for you. Now, you are free to focus on the things that matter the most: your target audience and your message.


Intelligent error detection

Say goodbye to hard-bounces with a tool that automatically cleans up those pesky typos and corrects incomplete or misspelled information. Mailify can find common domain name typos and replace them with the right ones before your email is sent.


Automatic gender identity recognition

If a particular contact has no information regarding their gender identity linked to their contact record, things can get awkward pretty fast. Mailify prevents these uncomfortable interactions with a tool that automatically detects the gender identity of a contact based on their chosen name and adds their title accordingly.


Reduced bounce-rates and opt outs

Most marketing professionals agree that a double, triple check is critical before hitting that ‘send’ button on an email campaign. That’s why Mailify verifies the information you’ve provided one final time to ensure you aren’t spamming unsubscribers or emailing non-existent email addresses.


Streamlined contact preference management

The last thing you want is to send your email marketing campaign to a contact who has unsubscribed. Luckily, Mailify makes it intuitive to manage contact preferences, automatically removing those who opt-out from your marketing lists to prevent unwanted contact in the future


Integration with data capture forms

Searching for a bulk email service provider? Why not choose one that promotes maximum growth? Mailify lets users design and build unique contact forms to encourage email opt-ins from prospective customers. The data captured in your website form will connect with Mailify to streamline the process altogether.


Intuitive event invites

Looking to invite your contacts to an exciting event in the future? Our email marketing tool lets you create custom invitation forms and track those all-important RSVPs. Mailify will automatically record these responses and update your guestlist to reflect their answers.


A bulk email service provider designed to increase engagement

Your bulk email service provider should provide you with the tools to expand your network and improve engagement. Mailify does just this, allowing for the creation and customisation of survey forms which can be sent to your target list through the app.