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The best bulk email service for targeted email campaigns

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Optimise your target lists

Improve your campaign performance by sending targeted messages to a specific audience. The more data you have for each contact, the more filtering criteria you have to narrow your search down to leave only the most relevant contacts on your list. The more personalised your message, the more likely it is to engage your target audience.

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Create your own search criteria

The best bulk email service should let you customise your own filters to refine your search. That’s why we have designed Mailify to work around your needs. The criteria you use will depend on the data you have: perhaps your plan is to create a campaign for contacts age 30 within a particular city, or maybe your email is aimed at contacts you met at a recent event. With the ability to customise your filtering criteria to meet your marketing objectives, the possibilities really are endless.

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We make data segmentation efficient


The best bulk email service provider comes without limits

With Mailify, there is no restriction to the amount of contacts you can add to your database. Whether you choose to import data via an xls, txt, csv file or sync your contacts from an existing address book, you won’t have to cut down your contact list with our service.


Automated contact creation

Why waste time when you can automate the addition of new contacts with an effective HTML request? The best bulk mail service should allow users to create, edit and delete entries from marketing or blacklists through a unique API. With Mailify, we keep things intuitive to drive efficiency.


Fine-tune your search

We have built the best bulk email service for businesses by incorporating advanced targeting options into our software. With unlimited filtering capabilities, you can refine your target lists based on any criteria you choose.


The best bulk email service for personalised filtering criteria

Your contact lists are divided into columns that correspond to one specific data field, but the information you choose to include is completely up to you. Each column title can be customised according to your objectives: from here, you can filter your search to only the most appropriate audience


Automatic duplicate entry removal

Only the best bulk email services are designed to save you time. You can rely on Mailify to detect and delete all identical entries within your contact list, so you can keep your focus on content and delivery.


Smart error correction

Mistakes are a part of marketing life, and typos are bound to happen when your leads enter details into opt-in forms. Luckily, Mailify can automatically detect errors within your data list and correct them accordingly.


Intelligent gender identification

If a contact in your target list has not indicated their gender, Mailify can make accurate predictions through their first name and automatically add these details to the contact record.


Enhanced quality control

Once your email campaign is ready to go, Mailify will perform a final check through your target list. Invalid addresses and stray unsubscribers will automatically be removed to lower your hard-bounce rate.


Suppression list management

If contacts should unsubscribe from your marketing list, Mailify will automatically prevent them from receiving any future campaigns. When your email is ready to send, just choose the suppression list you want to add contacts from and Mailify will do the rest.


Bespoke data capture forms

Mailify is the best free bulk email service for marketing professionals looking to build better quality data lists. Use our intuitive form building tool to design bespoke sign-up forms and integrate them into your website to gather valuable lead data.


Event signup and response tracking

With an event on the horizon, it’s time to gather interest and build your guest-list. Now, you can create eye-catching event sign-up forms and track the responses automatically through Mailify. Every RSVP will be updated against the contact record instantly.


Gain valuable feedback

Whether it’s market research or feedback on your service, Mailify is the best bulk email service for building survey forms and collecting useful data to enhance your offering.