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Collect quality data with our bulk email sending service

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Design eye-catching opt-in forms

Build elegant and effective data capture forms with our intuitive opt-in fom editor. Drag and drop the fields you wish to include, add personalised content and edit the page set-up to suit your needs. Mailify will ensure your forms look great across all devices and browsers. What’s more, we will see that the data is sent directly back to your bulk mail sending service dashboard, removing those extra layers of admin work.

Bulk email sending services with custom lead form creation


Build your database

Turn your website leads into marketing contacts with eye-catching, custom data capture forms 


Improve your data quality with our bulk email sending service

When it comes to marketing contacts, there’s no such thing as too much information. Gather additional data such as current demand, location and age through bespoke website forms.


Learn from your leads

You can learn a lot from your target audience: find out what they want from your product or service by creating feedback forms for your website and watch the responses roll through our bulk mail sending service


Collect responses to event invitations

Planning an event for your prospects, partners or current clients? Use our bulk email sending service to design registration forms and track the RSVPs in your Mailify dashboard.


Improve lead qualification

Consent is key to GDPR compliance and essential in earning trust from your contacts. Improve the outcome to your email marketing campaigns by giving new subscribers the chance to confirm their consent via email, ensuring the only data you’re using is of high quality

Use our bulk email sending service to integrate lead forms to your site

Build a lead capture page

We will build and host a dedicated landing page for your form, allowing campaign-specific tracking. Share the link with your target audience to promote sign-ups, opt-ins and feedback.

Create an automatic pop-up form

Mailify will provide you with a code that allows for forms to open via pop-up boxes overlaid on your website. Every element can be edited to meet your needs: the design and position, the timing of the pop up and the visual effects.

Embed a form into your HTML

Embed the HTML code we provide for your form directly into your website. Once again, everything is completely customisable to ensure the form integrates nicely with the particular page it sits on.

Bulk email sending service designed for business growth


Unrestricted data lists

The length of your contact lists is completely up to you. Import as many data records as you need through an xls, txt or csv file, or sync your Mailify lists with an existing Outlook or SQL database


Manage lists with API

Mailify makes contact management effective: through our unique API, our bulk mail sending service allows experienced marketing professionals to add, change or remove data records from both target lists and blacklists through efficient HTML request on the GET method.


Search with purpose

Create and send highly targeted campaigns by filtering your lists down through an unlimited number of search criteria. Want to send an email to an age-specific group with similar interests in a particular city? With Mailify, the possibilities are endless.


Refine your data lists

Each data record is divided into unique, customisable columns. That means you can edit your column headings and create custom filters according to your unique marketing objectives.


Instant removal of identical data

Don’t waste time scrolling through spreadsheets searching for identical entries: sign up to Mailify and we’ll delete duplicates automatically. Now, you’re free to concentrate on creating powerful content to send to your contacts.


Automatic error detection

Mistakes are easy to make, but often hard to spot. Fortunately, our bulk mail sending service is designed to identify and correct any errors in your data automatically, giving you the peace of mind to progress with your marketing campaign.


Intuitive gender identification

If a contact has no information on gender identity within their data, things can get awkward fast when they receive an email with the wrong title. That’s where Mailify comes in handy: rather than leaving it to chance, our bulk email sending service will automatically identify and update gender from the first name of your contact.


The final verification

There is no harm in double-checking your data before a campaign is sent. That said, the best bulk email sending service should do it for you. Once your email is ready, Mailify will verify your contact list a final time to ensure those who opted out are removed and error-ridden addresses are clean and ready.


Subscriber preference management

Want to ensure a specific group don’t receive your emails? Just add them to a blacklist within your account. When you’re ready to send your campaign, let Mailify know which blacklist to exclude: these contacts will not receive future campaigns unless otherwise specified.


Smart data collection forms

Build, edit and host bespoke data capture forms that encourage opt-ins from your website visitors, turning valuable leads into qualified prospects.


Effective event sign-up tracking

Inviting a target group of guests to an event and tracking responses has never been more intuitive: with our bulk email sending service, you can create and edit unique event registration forms and receive the RSVPs straight to your Mailify contact list.


The best way to get feedback

Eager to know what your prospects and clients want from your business? Get straight to the point and ask your audience with custom-made survey forms built and hosted through Mailify.