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Which KPIs are used to measure the success of a campaign in our bulk email software?

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Having dedicated time and effort into crafting the perfect email marketing campaign, you’re eager to view the results. Faced with a pool of valuable campaign data, how can you determine the success of your campaign?

1 The number of opens

Your email campaign open-rate tells you what percentage of your messages were opened by your recipients. Generally, the statistic you should be concerned with is the Unique Open Rate which refers to the amount of people who opened the email rather than how many times it was opened in total, which can often be more than once per person.

2 The total amount of clicks

This statistic refers to the number of click-throughs on hyperlinks within your email. Have a closer look and you can assess which links were the most popular. A high click-rate is always ideal as it signals a return on investment – that is, if your readers like what they see once through to your landing pages. For a bigger picture of your performance, combine our bulk mailer software with Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions based on the bounce and conversion rate of website visitors.

3 The interest generated from your email

Often overlooked, the reactivity rate of your email is key in understanding how successful your email was in captivating your target audience and convincing them to click your links. It is calculated by comparing the number of clicks to the number of openings, revealing the percentage of contacts who opened your email were interested in finding out more or making a purchase.

4The number of contacts lost

Our bulk email software calculates the percentage of contacts who unsubscribed from your email communication completely. Ultimately, your aim is to keep this number as low as possible. If you start to get a lot of unsubscribes, your IP reputation could take a hit.

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Opening rate

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B2B email marketing

Opening rate

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Discover how our bulk email software can help you improve campaign response


Detection of geographical location

Our bulk mailer software enables you to tailor your content to the geographic location of your contacts by tracking where in the world they open your emails. Mailify records and reports on your contacts’ location data allowing you to build target lists according to this information.


Statistical data to drive campaign performance

Improve your marketing campaign performance and increase ROI by gaining full access to the statistical data that Mailify collects every time you send an email. From the open and click through rate down to the exact time spent reading your email, Mailfy provides you with all the data necessary to optimise your future campaigns for maximum deliverability and a better response.


Next-level behavioural data

Our bulk mailer software measures and tracks the engagement your contacts have with your campaigns on an individual level, providing valuable data to fuel your future campaigns. Pinpoint the people who click the most often and create targeted emails based on their common behaviour.


Individual reading time analysis (unique)

As well as tracking the click and open rates of your email campaigns, our bulk email software measures the time each of your contacts spent reading your emails. You can also track how many recipients shared your content on social media sites, allowing you to build target lists based on lead behaviour.


Detection of reading devices and email providers

For each campaign you send, Mailify will provide you with the statistical data on which devices and email providers were used to open your email. This valuable data can allow you to build targeted campaign based on contact preferences.


Data-driven retargeting campaigns

Use our bulk mailer software software to segment your recipients into groups based on their behavioural data from previous campaigns. You can choose to export your list or take advantage of our filtering capabilities to retarget a specific portion of your list.


Behavioural targeting capabilities

Mailify allows you to send personalised campaigns by providing insight on contact behaviour on an individual level. Using behavioural filters, you can choose to only select contacts who didn’t open, those who opened but didn’t click and those who clicked but didn’t make a purchase. Enhance your targeting capabilities to boost your response rate.


Advanced contact behaviour analysis

If you want to build a more detailed picture of your target contacts as well as your email marketing and website performance, you can enable Google Analytics tracking on Mailify and measure the impact your email campaigns have on website traffic levels.