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The best bulk email software for performance tracking and data reporting.

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A 360-performance report for every email campaign

Mailify comes with an integrated data analysis tool to measure and track every element of your campaign: the click-through rate, the reactivity rate – you name it, we measure it. Take advantage of these detailed reports to learn more about your target contacts and ensure success with future email campaigns.

The best bulk email software for campaign analysis and contact insight.

Time spent reading your email

Mailify tracks the read-time of each individual contact and presents the results in a handy statistic within your campaign report. This allows you to determine the level of interest that your recipients have in reading your message and how quickly they either clicked a link or closed the email.

Devices used to open your email

Understanding which devices your emails are opened and read on will allow you to shape your email marketing strategy to fit the habits of your customers. Mailify will inform you on which devices are used the most commonly to read your campaigns so that you can adapt your design accordingly.

Email providers used by recipients

Mailify will report on the exact email and webmail providers your contacts are using: Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, to name a few examples. You can use this information to cater your content to recipient inbox preference.

Unique contact behaviour analysis

Get under the skin of what content your recipients prefer by tracking and reporting on their every open, click and conversion. This statistical analysis allows you to better tailor your emails to suit the behaviour of your target contacts.

Combine the best bulk email software with Google Analytics to track campaign impact

Mailify provides insight on lead behaviour by tracking each and every interaction your recipients have with your campaign. By building up a bigger picture of lead habits, you are able to improve your campaign success rate, determine your buyer personas and create hyper-targeted emails according to behavioural trends.

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Global location tracking

Discover where your recipients are in the world and adapt your email marketing plan to suit their specific location and timezone. Mailify detects and tracks the country your contacts are reading your messages from. This statistical data is drawn from the readers’ IP addresses that our bulk sending platform receives from worldwide email providers; it gives you more information to add to your contact records and build tailored campaigns accordingly.

Discover why Mailify is the best bulk email software for boosting campaign statistics


Worldwide location data

Mailify is built with sophisticated geotracking capabilities that you to understand where in the world your contacts are located and update their records accordingly. With this data, you can create location or timezone-based target lists and tailor your content to reflect the country, city or region your recipients reside from.


Comprehensive stats and streamlined reports

Increase ROI on your email marketing activities by taking advantage of Mailify’s statistical reporting capabilities. Through our platform, you can build a better understanding of which content performs the best and why. Every metric we report on will aid in improving campaign performance, and with an extensive but understandable guide, you can grasp the underlying story behind every stat and use your findings to adjust your marketing strategy.


Unique contact interaction analysis

Mailify reviews and reports on the behaviour of each individual recipient to provide you with invaluable insight on how your target audience responds to your campaigns. We take care to track every campaign’s open rate, click-rate, opt-out and bounce rate to provide you with the data you need to make adjustments and improve your results in the future.


Detection of read-time

As well as telling you how many clicks and opens, Mailify tracks the amount of time that each recipient spends reading your email campaign as well as the time it took them to open it in the first place. Beyond reading times, our software will analyse and report the amount of times a contact shared your content on social media.


Reading device identification

Get a closer look at which devices your recipients are reading your email from with Mailify, the best bulk email software for marketing professionals seeking to make data-driven decisions. Our email marketing tool tells you which devices your recipients are using to read your messages, so you can tailor your content accordingly.


Efficient retargeting

Segment your contact lists according to their unique behavioural data. Just export the data from your campaign or segment it within your existing list on Mailify when preparing your next campaign.


Targeting through behaviour

Build unique drip campaigns according to behaviour of your recipients and send personalised messages that reflect their latest interaction. You can use this Mailify feature for retargeting campaigns with contacts who didn’t click or open or positive ‘thankyou’ emails to those who purchased something from your site on the back of your email campaign.


A complete overview of the customer journey

Mailify users can combine the statistical reporting capabilities of our platform with the insight gained from Google Analytics to build a complete picture of your audience and the impact your email campaigns have on your website performance.