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What is an online email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is a part of direct marketing, and consists of sending emails to multiple recipients from a contact list at the same time and in a targeted way.

The different types of online email marketing campaigns

It is vital nowadays that marketers include email marketing in their online communication strategy. No digital email marketing strategy can be without as it's a great way to generate conversions. There are several types of email marketing:

Types of email marketing


Target groups

Time of sending


Inform, keep updated, create traffic

Prospects, clients, followers

Daily, weekly, monthly...

Prospecting email

Acquisition of new customers

Prospects according to your needs

Depending on the opportunities

Promotional email

Acquisitions, loyalty, boost sales

Focus on certain types of clients/prospects

Depending on company activities

Loyalty email

Get loyalty, boost sales

Loyal customers

After x sales or an X amount of expense

Transactional email

Important information about orders or payments

New customers and current customers

When opening an account, ordering, delivery, etc

Retarget ex-clients

Retarget from inactive clients

Did not buy in "x" time

After a certain period (cycle)

Email invitation

Promote an event

Depends on event type

Between 1 and 2 months before the event

Notification emails (trigger emails)

Notify, increase loyalty

New customers and current customers

Depending on the client's actions (welcome email, birthday, abandoned cart, etc.)

Online email marketing automation

When we talk about email marketing, we often refer only to online newsletters campaigns. However, we should also talk about marketing automation. This consists of scheduling the automated sending of emails depending on a profile or action of the client or the recipient. For example, you can send a welcome email to each new subscriber or wish them a happy birthday, etc.


High quality database

A successful online email marketing campaign has a base of qualified contacts, good targeting and target audience. The contacts who signed up for your campaigns are called opt-ins. This means that they have agreed to give you access to your data in order to receive emails from you. An opt-out link is required in every email, so you always give your recipients the ability to unsubscribe.
With high-quality address bases, it's more intuitive to customize your mass mailings and target your contacts to improve the impact of your campaign. When your contacts have the feeling that you address their individual needs, instead of sending a general email to everyone, that's when your numbers will begin to really be interesting.
Note that you should keep your contact lists updated to ensure the delivery of your future dispatches. For this, you need to remove bounces, incorrect and duplicate addresses and correct typing errors. An email marketing software usually allows you to manage your contact list just as a real CRM system would do.

Choose an email marketing software that fits your needs

To submit your campaigns, you must use an email marketing software that matches your needs. They will generally allow you to manage your contacts and recipient lists and also create responsive online newsletters (adapted for reading on phones and tablets) with the help of WYSIWYG HTML editors. These softwares also take care of the best deliverability possible using professional and secure routing servers with a reputation as a monitored sender. This way, you prevent your bulk sendings from ending up in the spam box.

Discover the features of the software

Measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns

An online email marketing software can give you access to a wide range of statistics about your sent campaigns: opening rate, click through rate, reactivity rate, conversion rate, etc. This lets you measure and analyze the results and ROI of your campaigns as well as improve their efficiency in the future. This will increasingly have a positive effect on your revenue.
Lastly, email marketing campaigns are an excellent digital tool for communicating with the public. But to truly succeed and achieve your goals, it is vital to learn more about email marketing and put all best practices into action.



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