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Accurately filter and target your recipients with our email marketing app

Ciblez vos destinataires avec précision Ciblez vos destinataires avec précision

An email marketing app with multi-criteria filter options

Filtering possibilities with our email marketing app are endless: you can combine multiple filters to get an accurate audience.
If you know the age, gender and postal code of your recipients, you could for example reach all women who are over 40 and live in the capital, to send them a personalized message. Adapt the filters according to your campaigns.

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Customize your filtering criteria

The only limit you will face when customizing your filters is your own fantasy.
Improve your contact lists by adding key information and match filtering criteria to fit your needs. All the data you add to the columns in your contact lists can be used to customize your email marketing campaigns.

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With Mailify, managing contact lists is intuitive


Unlimited contact import

Add as many contacts as you want to our email marketing app. You can import Excel files (csv, txt, xls), add them via copy / paste, import them from an Outlook address book or from an SQL database.


API / contact lists

Automate the addition of new recipients. Experienced users can add, modify, or delete entries from their contact lists or blacklists with effective HTML requests using the GET method.


Multiple filtering criteria

Mailify is a very powerful email marketing app with unlimited filtering possibilities. Explore your contact list data (name, address, birthday, etc.) to filter your database and create well-defined target groups.


Custom filtering criteria

Each column in your contact list corresponds to one customizable field. Therefore, everything is completely customizable and you can create filtering based on your own email marketing needs.


Automatic deletion of duplicates

Mailify takes care of deleting duplicate email addresses in your contact lists. Save valuable time and money, and focus on creating your email marketing campaign.


Automatic deletion of mistakes

Mistakes of typos can happen when your contact enters their email address. Mailify detects and automatically corrects those common typos in domain names. For example: becomes


Custom filtering criteria

Forgot to ask your contacts to indicate their gender/title when they signed up to your newsletter? Don’t worry, Mailify can guess it based on their first names and adds this info to your contact list.


Suppression of opt-outs and bounces

Before sending your newsletter, your contacts will be verified one last time and addresses in the blacklist or invalid addresses will be automatically removed.


Blacklist Management

When you create your campaign, merely select the blacklist to which you want to add the contacts that unsubscribe to your newsletters. Mailify will then automatically remove them from any future campaigns.


Opt-in forms

Create your own opt-in forms and collect new addresses to enhance your email marketing contact lists. Integrate your contact forms intuitively into your website and automatically find all new contact data directly in our app.


Invitation forms

Are you organizing an event and would you like to invite your contacts? Create your own invitation forms and see directly in Mailify who will attend and who will not, as all RSVPs will be automatically


Survey forms

Are you wondering what is on your contacts' mind? Go ahead and ask them directly. Create your own survey forms and gather all the answers in Mailify.