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Optimize the delivery of your email marketing

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Délivrabilité REVO Délivrabilité REVO

REVO™: The intelligent email marketing infrastructure

Understanding deliverability

  • Scalability of dispatch speed according to your needs
  • Real-time e-reputation monitoring of our dispatch servers
  • Intelligent management of bounces and cleaning of incorrect e-mail addresses
  • Anti-spam score for email marketing campaigns
  • System of moderation and prevention of abuse
  • Use a professional SMTP infrastructure to send your campaigns in bulk.

    Secure routing, guaranteed better deliverability

    Authentication, management of bounces and complaints

    We will automatically apply all authentication techniques: SPF, Sender ID, DKIM, DMARC... The system detects and indicates bounces and complaints directly in your email marketing tool.

    Good relationships with email providers

    We are regularly in contact with email providers around the world.
    So we always know what happens and we can react quickly if there is a problem.

    Dynamic IP

    We use a system that allows us to automatically and dynamically assign the best IP addresses available, based on feedbacks.
    This is yet another measure we take in the mass mailing delivery optimization flow.

    Reputation Watch 24/7

    We never fail to oversee the reputation of our routing infrastructure using a monitoring and anti-spam filtering system. Campaigns are being moderated manually to ensure a consistent reputation and the best delivery capability at any time.

    Certified Reputation

    Mailify is a member of the French DMA (Data & Marketing Association) and listed as a reliable provider for sending bulk emails. In addition, we respect the recommendations of the National Commission of Informatics and Liberty (CNIL).

    Dedicated domain

    Customize your sender domain and behavioral tracking URLs to increase the efficiency of your email marketing campaign and its deliverability. You can choose your own domain to not depend on domains shared with other senders. This also allows e-mail providers and their recipients to view their domain in the sender's field and in their links.

    Nom de domaine

    Safe and professional infrastructure

    To handle your data and protect you, Mailify works with a data center in France that is being monitored 24/7, every day of the year. Access to this data center is extremely restricted and protected.
    All sensitive data is saved on firewalls that offer security similar to banks. In addition, we never share your personal information with third parties. Only a small number of Mailify employees can access your account to provide customer support.
    All data is equally saved on different sites. Numerous techniques were implemented to ensure the high availability of our systems (99.9%). This is done to restore your data in case of any technical problem.


    REVO™ technology

    With the goal of constant development and meeting growing demands, Mailify has reinvented the routing version 2.0 for even greater shipping capabilities and improved delivery capabilities.


    Dedicated domains

    Customize your sender domain and behavioral tracking URLs. This gives you not only one but two main advantages: it will look more coherent in your communication flow and increase the efficiency and deliverability of your campaigns.


    A/B testing

    Thanks to the A/B split test, further improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Send two different versions of the subject or message to two different samples from your contact list. The most successful version will be sent to the rest of the list.


    Preview before clicking send

    Make sure your message displays correctly when they reach the inbox of any email client. Our email marketing software allows you to test the appearance in a number of webmails and desktop programs.



    Before sending your campaign to your recipients, test your message with your own and your colleagues' email accounts. It doesn’t end up in spam? Perfect, so it's officially ready to be dispatched.


    Pre-dispatch checklist

    Mailify will make sure that your campaign is complete and you have not forgotten anything before sending. If something is missing, Mailify will alert you. This ensures that your mail is delivered correctly.


    Anti-spam test

    Before you submit your campaign, Mailify will test it to make sure it does not end up in the spam box. That way, your message will arrive safely in your readers' inboxes and increase your chances of a successful campaign.


    Schedule your submissions

    Choose whether to send immediately or later. You can schedule an automatic dispatch to a future date. This allows you to manage your own time better and work on other tasks in the meantime.


    Predictive delivery

    Mailify analyzes all contacts to find the best time to submit your campaign. Our software detects the exact day and time when your emails get the most likely opened for each contact in your list. Thus, your messages will be delivered at the best time.