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Send newsletters to your Microsoft Dynamics contacts

Microsoft Dynamics plug-in for Mailify

with Zapier

Sarbacane vs microsoft-dynamics

The Microsoft Dynamics plug-in for Mailify (via Zapier) allows you to d'import your contact lists (customers, prospective customers, former customers, etc.) from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
The synchronization is donein real time. You can thus recover your contacts and all the information concerning them to always better target your mailings.

Touchdown vs microsoft-dynamics

Touchdown: create and send your marketing campaigns from Microsoft Dynamics

Sarbacane launched a new tool for email, SMS & marketing automation integrated to Microsoft Dynamics, namely Touchdown. Design campaigns directly from MS Dynamics using an intuitive interface and centralize your data in a single tool.


Quick and easy installation


Target your mailings based on your criteria


More than 30 possible integrations

How to activate the plugin?


This integration works using Zapier, a tool that allows applications to connect to each other with one triggering an action in the other under certain conditions.
You don’t need any special skills to use Zapier and connect applications.

1 Connect Mailify to Zapier

Start by connecting Mailify to your Zapier account (thanks to the "Sarbacane" application on the Zapier Marketplace). To learn more, follow this tutorial.

2 Login to Mailify

Log in to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

3 Create a zap

Connect Mailify to your Zapier account via the Sarbacane application on the Zapier Marketplace by following this simple tutorial.

4 Test your zap

Test your zap, then click on OK.


The data from your contact lists in Microsoft Dynamics will now be synchronized with your Mailify lists.
You won’t need to export then import your contacts from one application to another. It will all be done constantly and in real time.


The intelligent app for email, SMS and marketing automation campaigns

Interconnect your regular marketing tools with Sarbacane and improve your productivity.

Discover the benefits of a high-end application with personalized support.

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