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Create newsletters with your WordPress site

WordPress plug-in for Mailify

Sarbacane vs wordpress

The WordPress plug-in for Mailify allows you to synchronize customers, accounts and subscribers to your shop newsletter with Mailify. Your shop data will be synchronized in real time so you won’t have to export them manually.

Add order data (dates, amounts, etc.) to your contact list to better target your campaigns and make your customers more loyal.

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Quick and easy installation


Advanced targeting for more effective mailings


Constant synchronization to save precious time

How to activate the plugin?


1 Downloading

Download the WordPress plug-in for Mailify and install it on your site.

2 Login

Login to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

3 "Statistics”

Go to the settings area in your account.

4 "Plug-ins”

Click on the "Plug-ins” tab to the left of the screen.

5 Tick "WordPress Plug-in”

Tick the "WordPress Plug-in” option.

6 Add your sites

Click on the settings button and add your sites by recovering the info from the plug-in installed on your site.


Once your site(s) is/are connected to Mailify, your contact lists will synchronize so you can recover your contacts and/or authors.
To find out more on how the WordPress plug-in for Mailify works, see the guide.


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