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Connect Zapier to your email solution

Zapier plug-in for Mailify

Sarbacane vs zapier

The Zapier plug-in for Mailify is built into the application. It allows you to connect Mailify with hundreds of other API applications.

Mailify has an API you can exploit. It’s really easy to connect the application to your favorite tools to make sure they synchronize and help you save your precious time. In fact, Zapier allows you toautomate time-consuming tasks like exporting and importing your contact data, for example.

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Built into Mailify


Connect your tools to Mailify in just a few minutes


Automate dozens of tasks to save time

How to activate the plugin?


You don’t have to do anything at all to use the Zapier plug-in. No installation is necessary as the tool is part of Mailify irrespective of your subscription offer.

1 Log in

Log in to the Mailify application or create an account for free.

2 Go to Zapier

Login to Zapier or create an account for free.

3 Login to Zapier

Connect Mailify to your Zapier account by followingthis simple tutorial.

4 Choose the application you want to connect

Choose the tool you wish to connect to Mailify from amongall the applications available.

5 Create a Zap and click OK

Create a zap between Mailify and the application you’ve chosen (How do you create a zap with Mailify for Zapier?). Test it, then click OK.


Your Mailify account is now connected to an external application and will begin synchronizing with it to save precious time!
To make the task easier for you, we’ve created a pre-designed zaps list in Zapier so you can quickly create effective interactions.


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