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An intuitive and effective newsletter editor for everyone

What is emailing?

Emailing is, by definition, a term used to describe the sending of an email to a set of recipients.
An emailing campaign is a communication action plan widely used in direct marketing to prospect, retain, promote or inform a large number of contacts by email - usually carried out with a professional newsletter editor.

1 Import your contacts onto the newsletter editor

This step consists of adding recipients to a database inside the newsletter editor, enriching this list of contacts and segmenting them to be able to target your mailings properly.

2 Write your content

It consists of writing the message, setting it up, working on visuals and CTAs, as well as defining the subject line and the sender's email - our newsletter editor makes this step a walk in the park.

3 Send the campaign with the newsletter editor

The key to a successful shipment is deliverability. It is advisable to use a professional newsletter editor to ensure the reception of your campaigns.

4 Analyse the statistics

The analysis of the results after sending any campaign makes it possible to measure its profitability - and to apply any lessons learned to future campaigns.

How to do an emailing

Discover how Mailify helps companies send their newsletters every day

To send your messages, you must use an emailing software adapted to your needs, such as Sarbacane. Our emailing platform allows the management of contacts and recipient databases and the creation of responsive design emailings (for reading on mobile phones and tablets) by using a WYSIWIG HTML newsletter editor.
We also ensure optimal deliverability, thanks to secure and reputable professional routing servers (REVOTM Proprietary Technology), in order to prevent emails from falling into SPAM as much as possible.

Advanced features. Multiplied efficiency.



check_circle Unlimited import (csv, xls, txt, sql)

check_circle API list

check_circle Advanced multi-criteria targeting

check_circle Automatic removal of duplicates

check_circle Correction of incorrect addresses

check_circle Detection of gender

check_circle Automated management of opt-outs and bounces

check_circle Automatic management of blacklists

check_circle Form builder



check_circle EmailBuilder Drag & Drop

check_circle HTML editor / WYSIWYG

check_circle Add attachments

check_circle Library of royalty-free images

check_circle Add dynamic personalized fields

check_circle Automatically responsive



check_circle Proprietary REVO™ technology

check_circle Dedicated domain name

check_circle A/B Split Tests

check_circle Preview

check_circle Sending of tests

check_circle Checklist before sending

check_circle Scheduled dispatches



check_circle Global Geotracking

check_circle Generate detailed statistics reports

check_circle Individual behavioral tracking

check_circle Calculation of the reading time

check_circle Email provider detection / reading device

check_circle Retarget inactives

check_circle Behavioral targeting

check_circle Google Analytics extension