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Sarbacane supports institutions
and companies in difficulty

Faced with the health emergency, Sarbacane wants to help health and educational institutions and more broadly all companies to facilitate their communication and maintain their activity in times of crisis.

The offers detailed below do not involve any financial commitment or tacit renewal.They are meant to contribute to the solidarity movement towards companies in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic and will be valid throughout the containment period recommended by the government.

Mathieu Tarnus

Mathieu TARNUS


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Sarbacane uses the data collected to send e-mail messages to registered users.. Learn more about managing your data and your rights.

You need to continue to promote your products and services and communicate to your prospects and customers:

Special email offer
  • For health and educational institutions:

    Free access to Premium Sarbacane services, including support from our experts, until the end of the crisis.

  • For companies :

    Free access to Sarbacane, limited to the duration of the crisis and to 1500 emails. For companies with greater needs, a 50% reduction for one month.

You need to deliver important messages in real time and make sure they are read:

Special SMS offer
  • Free access until the end of the crisis to our SMS marketing platform: contact management, campaign creation, personalization, support, and a special offer on our usual SMS rates.

You want to push important messages on your website and schedule appointments:

Special chat offer
  • During the crisis, we offer our Sarbacane Chat platform free of charge. All the features of the "Conversations" offer are provided, including: assistance in installing and setting up the chat on your website, the setting up of a message indicating under which conditions your company's activity continues during the crisis and the possibility for visitors to give their contact details to be kept informed.

Offers conditions

Commitment-free offers valid during the period of containment requested by the government in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. The use of Sarbacane remains subject to the acceptance of the general terms and conditions and to the respect of our antispam policy The offers described above are for new Sarbacane users. If your company is in difficulty and you are already a Sarbacane customer, get in touch with your advisor or contact us on

Offer to health and educational institutions: the full free access to services during the crisis for health institutions concerns those institutions involved in care and prevention related to the ongoing epidemic. The services offered to educational institutions concern primary schools, middle schools, high schools and all institutions other than higher private education institutions. These offers will be considered on a case-by-case basis for high volumes (exceeding 5000 emails per month). SMS purchases involve operator-related costs and are not included.

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