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If you arrive on this page, you have probably received an email from a Sarbacane user.

We draw your attention to the fact that Sarbacane does not sell or rent any email address to its customers. It is up to the sender to bring their own contacts to send email campaigns. Furthermore, Sarbacane is not responsible for the content of this message nor for the fact that it has been sent to you.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding the collection of your email address, please contact the sender directly.

Antispam policy

The use of Sarbacane by our customers is linked to compliance with the general terms of use of the software as well as to compliance with the anti-spam policy imposed by Sarbacane.

We make every effort to combat spam

In the event of abuse by one of our customers concerning the content of their message, the breach or malfunctioning of the unsubscribe principle, the method of collection or more generally any other breach of the legal and regulatory obligations applicable in this matter, we invite Internet users to contact us at the following address

Please forward a copy of the message and the reason for your complaint. A complaints analysis and processing unit has been set up at Sarbacane to act quickly on users who do not comply with the Sarbacane charter of use.