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How can I link Mailify with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web traffic analytics service. By connecting it to Mailify, you will be able to see which portion of your web traffic was generated from your email campaigns and be able to follow your visitors' activity on your website.


How do I activate it?


Note: before you link Mailify with Google Analytics, you should set your website up with Google's service. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.

1. Open Mailify and go to the "Extensions" tab from the home page.

2. Then, check in the settings of each campaign that the box to enable Google Analytics is checked.

3. When you click on "Display" you will see 3 boxes that are pre-filled by default with 'Mailify' as a source, 'email' as a support (medium) and the campaign's name. You will find these items in Analytics.

Where can I find my emailing campaigns' statistics in Google Analytics?


When you open Google Analytics, to find the statistics, go to "Adquisition" → "All traffic" → Channels" and there you will be able to select the dates of the statistics that you would like to see. Then, you will be able to identify each campaign by its name (the one you gave it in Mailify).