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Personal data - Newsletter

The service associated with the use of the newsletter registration form is a personal data processing managed by Sarbacane Software whose contact details are as follows:

 Sarbacane Software

 3 Avenue Antoine Pinay

 ZA des 4 vents

 59510 Hem


Purpose of the data processing

The purpose of the processing is to collect the email address of legal or natural persons interested in receiving newsletters, on various topics such as:

· Best practices for email marketing

· Best practices for SMS marketing

· Exclusive offers

· News from Mailify and its startups and subsidiaries


It allows Sarbacane Software to:

· Send periodic electronic communications by email to maintain contact with subscribers

· collect and analyse your recipients’ behaviour for statistical purposes, for targeted reminders and to determine the best time to send future communications in order to deliver them during the actual time slots people habitually check their email.

Legal basis

The data subject has consented to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes.

Processed data

Categories of processed data

· Personal or professional email addresses

· Behaviour and software environment

· Country and town of location

Data source

· This information is collected from the users of the publicly accessible contact form.

· The behavior of the recipients of e-communications, their software environment, are reckoned based on their interaction with the message (openings, clicks, image display).

· The geolocation of the town is calculated from the recipient's public IP connection address when interacting with the message (accuracy rate around 85%).

Mandatory nature of data collection

The form provides for the mandatory collection of the person's email address.

Automated decision making

This processing does not involve automatic decision-making.

Persons concerned

The data processing concerns:

· Natural and legal persons using the form

· Sarbacane Software's staff in charge of carrying out periodic communications

Data Recipients

Categories of recipients

According to their respective needs, the recipients of all or part of the data are:

· Authorized Sarbacane Software staff

Transfers of data outside the European Union

No data transfer outside the European Union is carried out.

Data retention period

The entered data are kept until the recipient has indicated his willingness to no longer receive periodic communications.

Raw data from interactions with the electronic communications sent shall be saved for a maximum of 12 months. The consolidated data are saved within the corresponding communication campaign until they are manually deleted by the Sarbacane Software’s staff in charge of carrying out periodic communications.


Please consult our document describing our technical and organizational security measures.

Your rights to your data

You can access and obtain a copy of the data concerning you, oppose the processing of it, have it rectified or have it erased. You also have a right to limit the processing of your data.

Furthermore, Sarbacane Software provides a charter dedicated to the protection of personal data.

Exercise your rights

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) Sarbacane Software is your contact for any request to exercise your rights on this treatment.

Send your requests:

By email to :

By post to:

Attn: Data Protection Officer

Sarbacane Software

3 Avenue Antoine Pinay

ZA des 4 vents

59510 Hem


Complaint to the data protection authority

If, after contacting us, you believe that your rights to your personal data are not respected, you can submit a complaint to the data protection authority. To find the contact information for the authority on which you depend, please visit this page.