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How do I manage my contact and opt-out lists with the Mailify API?

With Mailify, you can use an API HTTP to insert, edit or delete contacts from your contact lists or unsubscribers list. To be able to do this, you need to carry out the following steps:


Step 1


Firstly, you need to open Mailify, click on "Extensions" and activate the extension "API Contact Lists"a feature which is only available for customers with a valid pack of credits.

Step 2


Go to "Contact Lists" or "Blacklists". If you have not yet done so, create your first contact list and return to the main menu.

Step 3


Next to the name of your list, there are a series of actions that you can carry out. One of these is 'API Access'. Click on this button and a window will appear that shows you the codes neccesary to "Add" "Update" or "Delete" data from your lists.

Note: These codes need to be used carefully. They should never be visible on your website (Use Javacript or create a GET form), otherwise you are exposed to thieves and robots that could even add false email addresses to your lists.