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Professional Routing Service Support

The Professional Routing Service uses your credits to route your campaigns via Sarbacane's servers. As a reminder, a credit is equal to an email of less than 195 Kb (or 200,000 bytes). If you exceed this size, your account will be debited with an additional credit per 195 Kb increment.
Each sending session of your campaigns, including your tests, is presented in the 'Sending History' tab of the 'Campaigns' menu.

Validation of your campaigns

Sending sessions, except test sessions, are generally subject to validation by our technical team. This verification ensures that the elements constituting your campaign are properly received, and that the antispam policy and the Sarbacane Software mailing charter. Your first shipments are manually validated by our services. A campaign submitted for routing after 7pm may not be validated until the next morning. This waiting time outside office hours is gradually fading thanks to an almost automatic validation of your campaigns.

The different possible states of your sending sessions

In the process of validation...
When a campaign is being validated, it is not possible to submit another session under the same campaign. You must wait for the validation of your first session to submit a second one.
x % treated
Validated, the campaign is being sent. The percentage, updated approximately every 5 minutes, tells you how your campaign is progressing. The session status can stagnate a few hours before reaching 100%: the remaining percents are addresses that the platform tries to reach several times. Within approximately 48 hours of sending, 100% will be achieved once the platform has definitively considered them as bounces.
Usually, the refusal of a campaign is related either to a technical problem in the reception of your campaign, or to non-compliance with the antispam policy.

Typical refusals for sending a campaign

Unsubscribe link
If this link is missing, we invite you to add one as required by European law. Sarbacane allows you to manage this, even if you do not have an unsubscribe page on your website. If you have defined an inoperative unsubscribe link, you must then check the link configuration settings. To find out how to add an unsubscribe link in Sarbacane, consult our video tutorial or visit us at notre manuel .
Suspicious addresses
Suspicious addresses general terms and conditions of Sarbacane. Please qualify your database before submitting it to us.
Unacceptable content or theme
One or more element(s) of your campaign (product or service sold, text, images or photos...) is or are not in conformity with our terms and conditions antispam policy.
Format text of the message
The text version of your message is not in line with its HTML version. If this one is blank, we invite you to provide it for the messaging of your recipients who do not read HTML. Simply use the function 'Copy text from HTML content' in the 'Message > Text content' step of the campaign creation, to automatically create the version of your message in plain text.
User cancellation
You have chosen to cancel the sending of your campaign by clicking on 'Cancel this session' and your request has been taken into account (routing credits returned). To resend your message, please reset and restart your campaign.
License check
A problem has occurred at the sending server. We invite you to contact the shipping support.
Too many bounces
Most of your database is made up of bounced addresses, which have already been identified in previous campaigns. We ask you to keep your blacklist list in Sarbacane up to date.
Displaying images
Your images do not appear in the body of the message (red cross). Always test before sending out campaigns.
Your message contains Javascript, where it is not tolerated by messaging software. We invite you to review the design of your campaign.
We remind you that phishing is sanctioned by law. The infringements of the trademark and copyright of the pirated site constitute infringements provided for by the Intellectual Property Code. We invite you to consult our General Terms and Conditions.
Other reason
The support team has sent you a message, detailing the exact reason for the refusal (the default contact address is the one specified when the software was registered). If you have not received any messages, please contact the support team by entering the email address of your user account.

In all cases of rejection, your routing credits are automatically reassigned to your account. For more information about a refusal, please contact the shipping support specifying the email address of your user account.

Bounced addresses

Bounced addresses are addresses that did not receive the sent message, despite several attempts of the platform. These addresses may be erroneous, closed, or where the message quota is exceeded.

These bounces are visible in the 'Blacklists' menu, and will be filtered and excluded by default for your next campaigns. This list is updated automatically.