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We work together to bring you the best service

Sarbacane Software was founded in 2001 with the vision to democratize digital communication for small and medium-sized companies by developing simple, effective and accessible software. 18 years later, Sarbacane has more than 10,000 customers around the world and 80 employees based in Lille, Paris, Barcelona and New York, all passionate about what they do.


2018 Great Place to Work

In 2018, we were classified as a Great Place to Work among French companies with less than 500 employees where it’s all about living well and we’re extremely proud of it.

However, being acknowledged or obtaining a label is not an end goal for Sarbacane. It only means that, up until now, we’ve evolved in a good way, hand-in-hand with the entire team.

In order to help us pursue this path, we’ve defined certain values that reflect us and that we reflect.

Index égalité professionnelle 2021 : 92/100

  • Pay gap indicator: 38
  • Individual salary increase rate variance indicator: 35
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: 15
  • High remuneration indicator: 5

Our core values



Passion is present in everything we do and part of the group’s DNA. Passion for our products and for what they can do for our customers as well as Passion for the world of marketing.



Our business is always evolving. Expertise, know-how and a capacity to innovate, reinvent and anticipate have been the essential factors in our development for fifteen years.



Each person who works with us has something to say. They all contribute their ideas and help constantly improve our products and our customer service.

Esprit d'equipe

Team spirit

Certain people’s skills are combined with other people’s know-how. It is in this spirit that we share and build our group’s success.



Ambition makes us grow, it makes us proud and encourages us. At Sarbacane, we cultivate excellent, good taste and a desire to succeed, develop and exceed our limits.

Cadre de travail

A unique & different work environment

To work well, the team needs space, peace and comfort. Thus, Sarbacane has chosen an exceptional place to set up its campus: a private 4-hectare butte standing 15 metres above metropolitan Lille.

Performance rhymes with ambience and at Sarbacane, there’s real evidence. No formal customs here: everyone is on the same level and all doors are open. Our work spaces are open and we’ve got all sorts of meeting places. Each member of the team works wherever they wish, joining the others on their team, somewhere to cultivate service interactivity, in a more confined corner or even using our “living room” areas for more peace.

Visit the campus in augmented reality

It may not seem like it, but we work too!

Right in the middle of a nice green area, our premises have all sorts of facilities and equipment: table football, petanque grounds and a tennis court, picnic tables, arcade games, a café... It’s all about having fun, taking a break or simply getting some air. And for those who need a watchful eye over their kids, we’ve got a nursery!