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Supercharge your email campaigns with our bulk email sending software


Bulk email sending software for segmented retargeting

Mailify is an industry leader in behavioural tracking. Our bulk email sender software is designed to boost campaign performance and increase your conversions by continually tracking the unique interactions that your recipients have with your emails. Once a campaign is sent and the results are in, you can filter the contact list by behaviour: likelihood of opening, time spent reading or tendency to click are just a few of the possibilities. Carefully plan a personalised retargeting campaign by filtering your list and adjusting your approach to reflect the common trends on your data.

Vérifiez votre emailing

Mailify gives you greater insight on customer behaviour

Reignite the spark to engage inactive contacts

Personalised email retargeting campaigns can help prompt inactive contacts to re-engage with your business. Boasting advanced behavioural tracking capabilities, our bulk email sending software allows you to identify which subscribers have had low engagement with your recent emails, so you can send tailored retargeting campaigns built to spark their interest. If an inactive contact continually shows no interest, you can delete them from your list and add their name to a blacklist: that way, you can maintain a strong sender reputation and avoid spam folders.

Test anti-spam

Track the location of every reader

Retargeting success demands a high level of personalisation within reactivation campaigns, and the extra detail of location data can make all the difference. Boost your open rate by scheduling your campaigns according to time-zones, encourage more clicks through country or city-specific content and enrich your database with geographic location data, all through our bulk email sender software.


Generate comprehensive campaign reports

Mailify meticulously measures campaign performance and customer behaviour to provide you with the statistical data you need to re-engage your target audience. With our bulk email sender software, you will gain access to this detailed statistical data; you will know which picture, subject line, button or link lead to the most conversions. With this level of information, you can build personalised retargeting campaigns that generate clicks and sales from your website.


Understand individual contact behaviour

Understand what motivates your customers to click for more or click away on an individual level. Review the open, click, reactivity and opt-out rates of each reader to build hyper-targeted reactivation campaigns that reflect recipient behaviour.


Gain insight on recipient reading time (unique)

Why stop at the open and click rates when you could go one step further and determine how long each recipient spent reading your email? Mailify reports on read time as well as the time your contacts take to look at your email and the social media shares.


Get details on the devices used

Mailify automatically tracks the email providers and devices used by your contacts to read your emails and feeds the information back to you with detailed statistics. With this information, you can adapt your email marketing strategy to reflect customer habits.


Take retargeting to the next level

Your campaign was sent and the results are in: it’s time to retarget subscribers who didn’t click or open in a fresh email. Thanks to Mailify’s in-built behavioural tracking tool, you can filter your recipients according to the level of engagement and type of interaction, such as inactive subscribers. Export this data or use filters to segment your list within Mailify before building your next campaign.


Segment your lists with behavioural data

Preparing a reactivation email campaign? You can use the statistical data on contact behaviour that Mailify gathers to segment your target list for personalisation. Want to engage with recipients who haven’t shown engagement in your email content lately? Learn more about what drives purchasing decisions and refine your marketing strategy with our bulk email sending software.


Enable GA tracking with our bulk email sending software

Use our bulk email sender software in conjunction with Google Analytics to see a full view of the customer journey. Enable GA tracking within Mailify to gain insight on how your campaigns directly impact the flow of traffic to your site.