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Sarbacane Sendkit

Sarbacane Sendkit

Powerful API/SMTP for Email and SMS Sending

Integrate Sarbacane Sendkit in minutes and start scheduling, sending, and tracking your transactional emails and SMS via our API/SMTP.

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Sarbacane Sendkit

Deliver your emails and SMS simply with your API/SMTP

Fast integration into your system via API or SMTP

Fast integration into your system via API or SMTP

Guaranteed optimal deliverability

Guaranteed optimal deliverability

Real-time tracking of your deliveries

Real-time tracking of your deliveries

        "to": [ 
            {"address":"recipient@domain.ext", "personalName":"John Doe"}],
        "msg": { 
            "from": {"personalName": "My company", "address": ""},
            "subject": "My fantastic subject",
            "text": "text version", "html": "let's try Tipimail" 
Quick integration via API/SMTP Real-time notifications with Webhooks

Integration with Sarbacane Campaigns

  • Quick integration via API/SMTP

    The Sendkit HTTP API and SMTP easily integrate into any system, application, or website. The available documentation is clear and one of the most comprehensive on the market.

  • Real-time notifications with Webhooks

    Use Webhooks to be notified as soon as an event or change in status occurs for a message (bounce back, open, click, etc.). An HTTP request is sent, containing the information of the relevant message in the POST to a given URL.

Opt for Optimal Deliverability Monitoring and relationships with providers Our infrastructure for your performance

Opt for
Deliverability that boosts your performance

  • Opt for Optimal Deliverability

    Our technology, teams, and expertise allow us to maximize the deliverability of your messages. We deliver billions of emails and SMS every year.

  • Monitoring and relationships with providers

    Our constant work with email providers allows us to continually improve the platform and offer you the best quality of service possible. Your reputation is protected.

  • Our infrastructure for your performance

    Regardless of the needs related to your business activity and sending volumes, our infrastructure is robust, scalable, and secure. Each request is encrypted and guarantees the confidentiality of your deliveries.

Email SMS
Personalize your transactional emails Transactional emails directly connected to your platform

Quality and Effective
Email & SMS Messages

  • Personalize your transactional emails

    Maintain your brand image and reputation with SPF and DKIM used for the protection of your deliveries. Personalize the sender, your sending and tracking domains, and adapt the appearance and content of your emails.

  • Transactional emails directly connected to your platform

    Sendkit is compatible with major e-commerce and CMS solutions such as Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress, or Drupal.

Real-time statistics Instant tracking

Monitoring and
and reporting of deliveries

  • Real-time statistics

    Thanks to intuitive dashboards, get accurate reports on your KPIs such as opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, recipient support detection, etc. Receive customized reports and alerts.

  • Instant tracking

    From the receipt of a message on our servers to the clicks of your recipients, we store every change in status. Our tools are here to help you analyze the behavior of your recipients: personalized dashboards, event tracking, dedicated SMTP APIs, and Webhooks

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Sarbacane Sendkit is an integral part of an all-in-one marketing software that gives you access to many other features. Transactional messages, forms, questionnaires, surveys, landing pages, email prospection, chatbot, livechat, CRM – learn more about all the complementary modules of our marketing suite to optimize your cross-channel digital communication.

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