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How do I filter my recipients within the statistics?

With Mailify, you have the option of filtering the recipients in order to view certain statistics, such as how many people have clicked on a particular link, or which recipients have opened your email.


How do I do that?

1. You can go into the statistics of one campaign, or several at once. To view the statistics of all the campaigns that you have sent, click on the "Statistics" tab and then go to "Recipients".

However, if you would like to view the statistics of just one campaign, you need to click on the statistics icon that appears under the column "Actions" in each campaign in "Home".


2. From there, click on the tab "Recipients" and if you click on Filtering you will see the option Add a rule.

3. This allows you to filter your recipients to show the statistics that you want to see. In our example, we have chosen the option "Clicked the link".

4. In the second dropdown menu, you will see a list of all the links in your email, which allows you to select the one that is most relevant to you. When you click and apply the criteria, Mailify will filter your recipients to show only those that have clicked on the link that you have selected.

5. Once you have filtered your list, you have three options which you can choose: Create a campaign, Create a list and Export.


Create a campaign allows you to duplicate your entire campaign and send it to the filtered list of contacts.
Create a list creates an empty campaign for you, but with the contacts from the filtered list.
Export allows you to save the new list of recipients in an Excel file.

How do I analyse my statistcs?

The statistics of your campaigns can be very helpful to the success of your emails, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they mean. If you need some more information about how to analyse the statistics, take a look at our guide:

How do I analyse my statistics in Mailify?