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Why should I use a personalized domain?

1. To show your recipients that it is you sending the emails.

When you use a personalized domain name, mailbox providers can check the identity of the sender of an email. With this personalization, you will be able to acheieve a higher deliverability rate for your email campaigns.


2. So that the sender email will appear

When you choose the option "Enable authentication" in your campaigns (activated by default and recommended), Mailify will use the sender address that you have written in the "Sender Email" box in your campaign. This increases the security of your message , but it makes the emails in Gmail and Outlook appear like this in order to inform your recipients that the sender email and the server that sent the email (Mailify) are different:


Outlook: on behalf of ABC <>


Gmail :

Company ABC via


By buying a Mailify domain, you can avoid this and mailboxes will only show the sender email that you have filled in.

3. To make links personalized.

When you activate tracking in the campaign´s settings, in order to obtain the click rate, Mailify replaces the links within your message for links which go through a statistics server before arriving at the final link (the original one that you have entered).


When you use a personalized domain, all the tracking URLs that Mailify inserts into your email will be automatically personalized with your domain.



Original link:


Link with Tracking (not personalized):


Link with personalized domain:

Mailify offers you the possibility of buying a domain that is already configured for sending campaigns and for the tracking links within them.


How can I buy a domain in Mailify?


You can buy an available domain through the application for $19 USD/year (VAT not included)

When you click on "order", you will be directed to our online store where you can buy a domain credit.

If you already have a domain name and you would like to use it for your campaigns, take a look at our guide to set it up:
Setting up my domain to customize the sender and tracking links