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How do I manage the opt-outs of my campaign?

Newsletters sent with Mailify need to include an opt-out link. If your template doesn't include this link or it is incorrectly configured, the Mailify moderation team will reject the campaign and the user will have to modify their template to include and configure the opt-out link before sending it again.


What is an opt-out link?


An opt-out link is a phrase such as "If you no longer wish to receive these emails, click here", that is usually found at the bottom of an email and allows the user to unsubscribe from receiving emails from this sender.


Mailify automatically manages the opt-outs so that when a user asks to unsubscribe, the application adds their email address directly onto an opt-out list within the application. In the following campaigns, the newsletter will not be sent to the recipients on this list.


If you need help with how to insert or configure an opt-out link, please see our guide here:
How to insert an opt-out link.


How do I delete email addresses from the opt-out list?


If a recipient wants to receive your emails again, you can delete their email address from the opt-out list by following these steps:


1. Go to "Blacklists"

2. In the "Default blacklist", delete the email by clicking on the trash can.

Warning: Before you delete an email address from the opt-out list, please ensure that the person wants to receieve these emails again.