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What is authentication?

Authentication is the sum of techniques that authorize email servers to send emails with a domain name. There are various authentication systems: SPF/SENDER ID, DKIM and DMARC.

Mailify uses by default its own sender domain names which are authenticated when you click 'Enable authentication' in the campaign settings (recommended). When doing so, SPF/SENDER ID, DKIM and DMARC signatures are implemented into our own default domain names when your campaign is sent.

How do I activate it?


When you enter into a campaign, inside "1 - Settings", at the bottom you will see "Advanced settings". if you click on "Display" you can change the settings of authentication.

What is the purpose of the authentication?


Messaging services such as Yahoo!, Outlook and Gmail push the senders to authenticate their emails to get a better deliverability. Some messaging services even show a small icon in the mailbox to let you know the sender was authenticated. This reassures the recipient and may impact the opening rate.

It is important to note that authentication does not guarantee your email will be received but it does improve your emails' deliverability. However, it does not mean you can neglect other optimizations required such as the content of the message itself.

To go beyond and optimize deliverability, you can also personalize your sender domain name in two different ways: