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How can I stop my emails from being sent to junk?

Sometimes, mailboxes filter emails and send them to your recipients' junk mail for various reasons. To help reduce the possibility of this happening to your campaigns, follow our advice below.


1. Don't put the email subject in capitals.


If you write the subject in capital letters, mailboxes suspect the message as it is an irregular format. Therefore, we recommend that you use lower case letters, except for the first letter of the subject.


2. Reduce the size of your email.


If your email contains a lot of images, you can store them in the cloud instead of in the body of your message. By doing this, you will reduce the size of your email which helps improve your deliverability rate.


3. Make sure that you balance the percentage of text and images in your message.


When you send an email, it is not recommendable to only use images and no text, even if there is text within the image. This is because mailboxes do no recognize the text, and therefore they consider it to be spam. To avoid this, use a mixture of text and images.


4. Don't send too many text emails at once.


If you send a lot of tests immediately after one another, it can cause problems in your mailbox because it thinks these emails are spam. Therefore we recommend that you don't send more than 3 tests at once, and wait a few minutes in between sending them.


5. Try changing the subject of your email.


Sometimes the subject of the email affects the deliverability to your recipients' mailbox if it is not relevant to the content of your email. To solve this, we advise you to try using a different subject and send another test mail.


6. Don't attach files to your email.


We don´t recommend that you attach files to your emails because they add weight to the message and they also appear as suspicious to antispam filters, so it is likely that they will be sent to junk mail.


7. Set up your domain in Mailify or buy a domain that is already set up for you.


If you set up your domain, it means that when you send emails, your personalized domain will appear and therefore it is easier for mailboxes to recognize that these emails were sent by a certified company. To set up your domain correctly, take a look at our guide:
How to set up my domain


8. Don´t put spamwords in your campaigns.


When sending emails, there are many "spamwords" which means that if you use them, they will go straight to your junk folder. 

It s important to bear in mind that emails are sent to different files within your recipients' mailbox depending on how they interact with your messages. If they open them, click them and even move them to their inbox, the mailbox will recognize your emails as coming from a reliable source in the future.