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How can I integrate an RSS feed from my blog in my newsletter?

You can easily add a RSS feed in your newsletter to integrate your recent blog post or article.

In order to integrate a RSS feed in your newsletter, please follow these steps:
1. When you create a new campaign, go to Step 3 - Message and then click on "Creation Mode". Create a template from scratch or import a Mailify template.
2. In the section "Modules", you will find a block for the "RSS feed".

Drag and drop this block in your newsletter template wherever you would like your RSS feed to appear.

3. Once this RSS feed block is added to your template, you can manage various settings, in particular the RSS feeds you'd like to integrate from your website/blog and the number of articles you'd like to display in your newsletter.

To add feeds from your website, simply enter the URL of your RSS feeds.



For WordPress users, insert "/feed" at the end of your website's address that corresponds to the source of your blog's feeds (example:

For other users, find words like "feed" or "RSS" in the source code of your homepage and get links that are associated with these words.

If you have connected your WordPress blog via a Wordpress plugin, it can be directly selected from a drop-down list in the "URL" search bar.

For more information on the WordPress plugin, click here.

4. Your recent selected articles will be added to your newsletter and the links will direct your contacts to your blog so they can read the articles.