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How do I personalize my emails for each recipient?

If you would like to personalize your emails with specific information from your recipients (name, surname, company etc.), you can do that by inserting a dynamic field.


How do I do it?


1. Make sure that you have a column in your contact list with the name (or other details) of your recipients.

2. In step 3-message of your campaign, when you edit the HTML version, click on the module where you want to insert the name of the recipients in your text.

3. Right click where you want to put your dynamic field and select " { } Name "

When you send your campaign, Mailify will use the data that is in your contact list (in the same format in which they appear in the list) to personalize each email with a name automatically. Check that the recipients are well written in the list in order to avoid errors o spelling mistakes.

For more information on different types of dynamic fields, see our guide here:

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