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What is the purpose of the "web copy" of a newsletter?

The web copy is a version of your email that appears as a web page. In this format, it allows the recipients whose inboxes block images to be able to see your newsletter correctly in the web copy.


Where can I find it?


The link to the web copy is automatically inserted at the top of your template within your campaign. 

Can I edit the link?


Yes, you can edit the link by clicking on it. This will allow you to edit the text and if you right click you will be able to modify the link.

When you click on settings you will see a window which allows you to change the location of your web copy. We recommend that you store it in Mailify cloud so that it is easy and automatic. If you have the web copy of the template that you have designed located on your website, you can then select "To a page in my website" and if not, "To Mailify Cloud".