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How do I solve web connection issues and recover my data?

Mailify requires a functioning internet connection to operate effectively, including for authentication, data recovery, and statistics.

You may have connection or data recovery problems if:

  • - Your internet connection is weak
  • - A firewall has been activated on your computer (e.g. Windows) and you have not accepted connections between Mailify and the Internet.
  • - A security program with a firewall is on that may block communications
  • - A proxy or a firewall specific to your company's network was activated

How do I solve it?

Some firewalls or security programs allow you to add extra rules so that Mailify and the Cloud features can operate effectively.

In other situations, such as with an older generation firewall on your company's network, you will need your network adminstrator's help to make sure Mailify can run smoothly.

In this case, please provide the follow information to the administrator:
Address to authorize: wss://
Exchange: Over http (port 80) or Over https (port 443).

For more info, please contact our support team by clicking here.