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How do I customize a mailto link?

What is a mailto link?


A mailto link means that when you click on it, a window appears with a pre-written message from the customer´s email account.


An advantage of using a mailto link is that you can identify one particular type of email as they will all be in the same format.


How do I customize the link?


To customize your mailto link, follow these steps:

1. Write a phrase to appear as the link.

2. Select the phrase, right click it and choose "Insert a simple link"

3. Where it says "type" (above the http://), change it from "simple link" to "Mail To"

4. Copy the following Subject&body=Message Content and paste it in the box where "mailto" appears.

5. Within the code you copied, change the 'Message subject' and 'Message Content' to the content that you would like to appear in the email.

As well as this, there is a website to generate a code for your mailto link, which can be used in to Mailify.